I dreamed the familiar dream of a strange house
I can not place; vast windows and redwood
framed by gray trees bending in lazy moonlight.

The house commands the tides from its cliff throne
and so did you; when you crashed the car and
crashed your fist through the sliding glass door,
leaving drops of blood sparkling with glass
on the dream house floor.

Last night I dreamed you crashed into my soul
and my heart rolled from the rocky throne,
floating on quicksilver waves before sinking
into the sanctuary of the sea.


Author's note:

In my late twenties I had a recurring dream of a magnificent, redwood house perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The house was surrounded by a grove of pine trees. My view of the house was always from the outside; standing in the pines or in front of a wall of windows facing the sea. I thought about what might have happened inside the dream house.


Original Publisher: Grey Sparrow Journal - online version

Reprinted with permission in The Glass Sponge
Publisher: Finishing Line Press

Publish Dates

May 2013

Jules Jacob

Jules Jacob PoetJules Jacob is the author of Kingdom of Glass & Seed (forthcoming Lily Poetry Review Books, October 8, 2023), The Glass Sponge, a semi-finalist in The New Women's Voices Series (Finishing Line Press), and co-author with Sonja Johanson of Rappaccini's Garden (White Stag Press, forthcoming December 2023). Her poems are featured in Lily Poetry Review, Plume Poetry, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Rust + Moth, and elsewhere. Jules is the recipient of a fellowship from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts at Le Moulin à Nef, Auvillar, France.

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