The Glass Sponge

In this strong and vulnerable collection of poetry, the poet spins out a thoughtful imagery of innocence and culpability, for (and of) "the users and the abused". Salvation by imagination is the lifeline running throughout this chapbook - the imagination of other worlds, the worlds of one's own volition - from old baseball fields, to quicksilver waves, to the vast unjudging Milky Way, accompanied by Michelangelo's angel and Rodin's Cupid. These poems should be read in places where, as the poet puts it, "The Magic Was Missing From The Room", in places where one's "blood runs forsythia yellow", where the signature listeners are soldier-stiff Gapkids facing a tender bleakness. Jules Jacob inhabits a dichotomous world, and with delicate magnetism, draws us into it, in each poem.

— Dr. Harrison Solow. Harrison Solow is a Pushcart Prize winning writer, author and university professor. Her latest book is Felicity & Barbara Pym.

Jacob's poetry collection, The Glass Sponge, traces family moments in "Dream House" through the "...lazy moonlight" as the sound barrier is broken, warning us, Ozzy and Harriet have stepped out. A tenderness emerges through the fear and angst of family abuse with a compassionate eye and an intimate understanding of the toll abusers demand.

Family is defined with the clarity of the mother, the child, and the wife. In the poem, "Patterns," hopelessness emerges each day, each week, each year... "Step-mother sprawled/in the chair at night/watched TV, drank Long Island Tea/and stole the magic from the room./Father dozed on the couch/unaware it was missing...

Power is garnered from a subtle and elegant metaphor in, "Losing my Convictions." Pain, rebellion, revelation are swiftly detailed: "when my Achilles heel is screaming/I'll kick off your cause/and continue walking in my bare feet./"

Even in the midst of joy, peace is riddled with fear. In "Jellyfish Dance," Jacob's writes, "look at me, Mama./Dance like a jellyfish, Mama—/like me. Momentarily safe,/temporarily free."

Jacob courageously breaks the silence of abuse.

— Diane Smith, Founder and Editor of the Award Winning Journal Grey Sparrow published by Grey Sparrow Press: a 501C3 Corporation

Jules Jacob is a lyrical truth-teller in The Glass Sponge. Her poetry breaks silences, giving us more breathable air.

— Marilyn Kallet, Director, Creative Writing Program, University of Tennessee
Author of 15 books, including Packing Light: New and Selected Poems

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.

— Emily Dickinson

Jules Jacob

julie ginkgoJulie "Jules" Jacob is a contemporary poet who often writes about dichotomous conditions and relationships among humans and the natural world. Her poems are recently featured or forthcoming in Plume Poetry, The Tishman Review, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Rust + Moth, Yes Poetry and elsewhere. She is the author of The Glass Sponge chapbook with select poems featured at the Colorado Gallery of the Arts and Le Moulin à Nef where she was a resident of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Poetry Workshop.

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The Glass Sponge Cover"Salvation by imagination is the lifeline running throughout this chapbook..."

— Dr. Harrison Solow. Harrison Solow is a Pushcart Prize winning writer, author and university professor. Her latest book is Felicity & Barbara Pym.

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