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Jules Jacob’s anthem to love and loss, is a fierce testimony to forgiveness and redemption. These arresting poems move like a pool of water, ripples and vibrations map the relationships—parental, siblings, lovers, nature—imbued with the resonant joy and pain of living in such a fragile world. This artful weave renders how the cycle of life replenishes and reseeds, as these poems tender so lyrically a generative healing. Jacob’s brave narrative explores the self with all flaws, vulnerabilities, and traumas, and threads an astounding bountiful chorus of language, accompanied by a windfall of  sublime epiphanies. “If found, we return rearranged.” With razor sharp imagery, the speaker gives us a wisely voluminous heart, rich with dimension and clarity. Jacob’s gripping voice creates an indelible alchemy of beauty, forgiveness, and humanity. These potent poems sing an aria of love and light— Yes, read this collection to be startled into awakening.

— Cynthia Atkins, author of Still-Life with God

Early in Jules Jacob’s riveting new collection, in the poem “My Mother Eats Wyoming” we find the lines

in matchbox beds while they recovered
from amputations guaranteeing
the patients couldn’t escape.

And there it is: beneath the title’s light-fingered surreality (the book’s signature tone), scenes of hardscrabble tenderness and sometimes unbearable cruelty, scavenged and placed ever so carefully side by side in memory’s reliquary. And so it goes, too, in line after stunning line. What did Rilke write? Every angel is terrifying. A truth Jacob seems to know in her bones and one, reading these poems, we feel in ours.

— Daniel Lawless, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Plume: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry

In Kingdom of Glass & Seed, Jules Jacob writes with an attentive eye to the smallest details of flesh and flower: “treasures where others see / nothing unusual.” These poems enter the dislocated world of foster care and addiction in language that is deeply attuned to the rawness of experience, where nature is both haven and metaphor. “All mothers can be as happy / as their troubled child” writes Jacob in a collection that seeks forgiveness not retribution, that holds suffering in a tender, but alert gaze.

— Jessica Cuello, author of Liar and Yours, Creature

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Glass Sponge CoverReviews & Endorsements for The Glass Sponge

In this strong and vulnerable collection of poetry, the poet spins out a thoughtful imagery of innocence and culpability, for (and of) "the users and the abused". Salvation by imagination is the lifeline running throughout this chapbook - the imagination of other worlds, the worlds of one's own volition - from old baseball fields, to quicksilver waves, to the vast unjudging Milky Way, accompanied by Michelangelo's angel and Rodin's Cupid. These poems should be read in places where, as the poet puts it, "The Magic Was Missing From The Room", in places where one's "blood runs forsythia yellow", where the signature listeners are soldier-stiff Gapkids facing a tender bleakness. Jules Jacob inhabits a dichotomous world, and with delicate magnetism, draws us into it, in each poem.

— Dr. Harrison Solow. Harrison Solow is a Pushcart Prize winning writer, author and university professor. Her latest book is Felicity & Barbara Pym.

Jules Jacob is a lyrical truth-teller in The Glass Sponge. Her poetry breaks silences, giving us more breathable air.

— Marilyn Kallet, Director, Creative Writing Program, University of Tennessee
Author of 15 books, including Packing Light: New and Selected Poems

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Jules Jacob

Jules Jacob PoetJules Jacob is the author of Kingdom of Glass & Seed (forthcoming Lily Poetry Review Books, October 8, 2023), The Glass Sponge, a semi-finalist in The New Women's Voices Series (Finishing Line Press), and co-author with Sonja Johanson of Rappaccini's Garden (White Stag Press, forthcoming December 2023). Her poems are featured in Lily Poetry Review, Plume Poetry, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Rust + Moth, and elsewhere. Jules is the recipient of a fellowship from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts at Le Moulin à Nef, Auvillar, France.

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KGS Front Cover"This artful weave renders how the cycle of life replenishes and reseeds, as these poems tender so lyrically a generative healing."

— Cynthia Atkins, author of Still Life with God

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